Technology – How does it work?


Reduce the electricity bill effectively and legally!


Save Energy – Save Money – Save Earth


A simple look, packed with ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY inside!

A slim 1.2 mm design, a GREAT IMPACT on recovering power wastage!

A small Energy Card, a BIG SAVINGS on electricity bill.

The Product & Technology
The C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card is a 21st century breakthrough product with USA technology. The enhanced & upgraded 18-layers proprietary vibrational wave with Nano Technology from USA, will cut down the EMF radiation up to 99.88%. Only C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card has these unique and powerful features that save electricity legally, efficiently and cost effectively! The ultimate goal of this product is to reduce your electric bill.

The unique vibrational wave generated is powerful enough to compress the useless electrical spikes that cause wastage. It eliminates any interference to the power supply and re-channels them into effective electrical energy by improving the efficiency and power factor in your electrical appliances, thereby reducing the kilowatts used, cutting down wastage and saving electricity.

C-Results uses 18 layered proprietary vibrational wave with BIO-CERAMIC material and NANO-TECHNOLOGY with unique features.

C-Results has THREE (3) major components:

  1. SCALAR ENERGY which reduced Electromagnetic Field (EMF) or Radiation
  2. NEGATIVE IONS which helps reduced Heat Density by 3-5° C
  3. FAR-INFRARED RAY which reduces wastages of electricity
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reduce electricity bills
Our product also passed the Electromagnetic Field Test conducted by California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science. It also passed the Anion and Far-Infrared Test conducted by Korea Far Infrared Association.

Since our product was introduced to the market, it has been installed in various establishments. Residential, commercial and industrial establishments who are already using this technology and started to see the benefits of the C-Results Saver Cards – reduce the electric bill.

We invite you to become one of our satisfied customers of this unique product – the C-ResultsTM Energy Saving Card. Our Company is very confident with our product that is why we offer 4 Months Money Back Guarantee and a warranty of 3 years for Household and 5 years for Industrial Energy Saving Card. Our products are absolutely Maintenance Free and can be installed without power interruption.

We recommend you to contact us, so we can assist you and show you how to reduce the electricity bill.

Features of C-Results Card

    • Latest USA Technology  

Breakthrough & efficient power saving of 10% – 35%

    • No reduction of voltages yet increases power efficiency

Not affecting performance of equipment & machinery, but indirectly helps to lengthen the lifespan.

    • Easy installation 

Do not require wiring, equipment or power shut down to install the cards. Zero interruption to daily operation.

  • Different capacities available
    Various sizes of the cards to cater to different requirements and needs.