Save Electric Bill

Save Electric Bill

To save on energy bills, C-ResultsTM Savings Card is a proven legal method to economize electricity and the operating budget! Saving on electric bill monthly has never been easier by using C-Results installed to wires and cables entering the main switch box and coming from the meter. There is no tampering or interfering with the Public Service Meter so the cards are legal to use for saving money on electricity.

C-Results allows consumers to save on electricity bills easily and efficiently using a breakthrough vibrational wave nanotechnology that increases power efficiency without loss of power/reduction of voltage. Saving money on electricity has never been easier to accomplish without reducing power and kilowatt-hour s! The cards are easy to install and indirectly, helps to lengthen the life-span of equipment, in addition to saving on electric bill. C-Results does not affect performance of equipment.

When consumers ask the important questions of how to save energy bills and save electric bill, the only sensible answer is with C-ResultsTM Savings Cards! The cards can be installed anywhere that uses electricity – commercial or residential. There is no disruption of production or interruption to power usage when the C-Results cards are installed to the wires and cables entering the main breaker box in order to save on energy bills.

In addition to the convenience and safety of the C-Results cards, they are certified by several Global engineering organizations and they are legal to install and save on electricity bill. The cards are non-magnetic and non-flammable. They don’t require special installation in most cases. Save on energy bill and cut down your carbon footprint that contributes to Global Warming by installing C-Results.

The cards are simple to install on wires and cables entering the Main Switch box and coming from the meter. C-Results will start to save energy bills within the first few days of installation. C-Results will review your last electric bills (at least 6 months) before installation to determine how many cards and what capacity cards are needed to get the most saving on electric bill. There is a money back guarantee (MBG) if within 4 months of installing the cards, you do not see at least a 10% saving money on electricity, there will be a complete refund issued.

Save on energy bill and save electric bill using C-ResultsTM Savings Cards on your electric power system. The cards are made for both residential and commercial use. Even large industries and factories can benefit by saving up to 35% on electricity costs every month. The ultimate goal of C-Results is to save you money on electric costs while you maintain the same power efficiency to operate. Contact C-Results and determine how many cards you need to save the most electricity!