Reduce Electricity Bills

Reduce Electricity Bills

Lower energy bill legally and effectively by using C-ResultsTM Savings Card attached to wires and cables entering the Main Switch Boards and Distribution Boards after the electric meter.

The cards are simple to install to reduce electricity bills and they require no maintenance. They will work up to 20 years and are under a manufactures’ warranty for 3 & 5 years. If they have not been physically damaged or tampered with, they will be replaced if not working properly.

Reduce energy bills safely with C-Results because the cards are non-magnetic, non-flammable and have no radiation or no infrared rays. There is a good Return on Investment (ROI) with C-Results because of the savings and lower energy bill every month. The ROI can be as little as 6 months up to 18 months depending on the size and number of cards purchased by an individual or company/corporation.

C-ResultsTM Savings Cards have passed several certifications and tests to reduce energy bill including: the Electromagnetic Field Test by the California Institute of Electrical and Material Science and the Anion and Far-Infrared Test by the Korean Infrared Association. The cards are proven to reduce electricity bills and save electric consumers a significant amount of money every month and year!

C-ResultsTM Savings Cards are the best cost-effective method on today’s market to reduce energy bills at a low initial investment with a high ROI. They can be used by anyone who consumes electricity. From big corporations to an individual consumer, C-Results are an efficient and convenient way to reduce energy bill and save kilowatt-hours of electricity and a lot of money!