Purchase – Where can I buy C-Results?


Efficiency Experts is the sole distributor of the C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card in the United States. You can purchase this 21st Century breakthrough product from Efficiency Experts which will result in significant SAVINGS from 10%-35% in your electricity bills. As a result, you will save money on the electric bill for many years.

Your Choice:

  1. Continue to pay the high rates charged by your Electric Company and get nothing in return; not even a rebate for prompt payment!
  2. Install C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Cards, try for 4 months. If it does not save a minimum of 10% on your electric bill, FULL REFUND guaranteed and legal. If it saves electricity, enjoy continuous savings over the months & years…

Complete the following form to provide us with the necessary information needed for an estimate. This information will be used only by our company to provide you with a quote on the number and types of cards you will need to maximize the savings and reduce your electric bill.


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    The Last 12 months of data is required to have be able to provide with an accurate quote of the number and types of C-Results card need to maximize the savings.
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    List all the distribution panels are your location. At the description provide a quick description of the location where the panel is located. At the Amps field, specify the size of distribution panel (example: 50, 100, 200, etc).
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