How To Reduce Electricity Bill

How To Reduce Electricity Bill

Business, Corporations and Property Owners & Renters are always searching for methods of how to reduce electricity bill and save money! C-ResultsTM Savings Cards offers a convenient and reliable way for consumers to legally reduce electricity bill every month. C-ResultsTM are developed with a unique vibrational wave nanotechnology that comes in various sizes and capacities for residential and commercial use. The bio-ceramic ceramic material is placed on a small plastic card that is 1.2 mm thin. The sizes range from credit card size to a larger 6″x8″ size. The cards are placed on cables and wires entering the power box inside the building/structure for reducing electricity bills every month.

People always inquire to their Public Service Company about “how to reduce electricity bill” and “reduce my electric bill”, and the general response by the PSC is reduce energy usage or install energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. In general, the average citizen and business/corporation attempts to reduce energy, and sometimes successfully, or use energy efficient products to some degree of success for reducing electricity bills. C-ResultsTM Savings Cards allow for more flexibility and do not require a decrease in electricity usage or production. Therefore, there is no power loss or no need to shut down operations even during installation of the cards when reducing electricity bill.

C-ResultsTM Savings Cards have three major components for reducing electricity bills:

  1. Scalar Energy – helps reduce Electro Magnetic Field (EMF)
  2. Negative Ions – which help reduced Heat Density, 3-5 degrees C
  3. Far-Infared-Ray – which reduces wastages of electricity & reduce electricity bill

All of these components allow for people to reduce my electric bill and save money! The C-Results cards use a unique vibrational wave nanotechnology combined with the three components or features to make the cards powerful enough to compress useless electrical spikes and, thus, reduce electricity bill.