FAQ – Get answers to most common questions?


  • Does C-Results cuts down electricity Consumption?
    No. Actually C-RESULTS reduce the wastage in electricity usage in any writing system and thereby lower your electricity bill significantly.
  • What is the principle behind?
    C-RESULTS use an 18-layered proprietary vibrational wave with a Bio-Ceramic materials and Nano-Technology with unique security features that are exclusive ONLY to it.
    It has been painstakingly configured in a specific manner that was refined over numerous years of through testing and finally perfected to its current setting.
  • How long does the C-RESULTS card last?
    It is designed to last a LIFETIME and we provide 5-Year WARRANTY for household and 3-Years WARRANTY for industrial C-RESULTS against any manufacturing defects. The proprietary vibrational wave in the card can easily last for more than 5 years. As the C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card is not an electrical device, it will not wear & tear and it is designed to last for lifetime unless it is damaged by fire or tampered or broken (or not in original conditions). To strengthen the confident of purchase, the Manufacturer provide 3 years product warranty on Household and 5-Years product warranty on Industrial product against any manufacturing defects.
  • Is there a REFUND if it doesn’t WORK?
    YES. We are so confident that it will work, that’s why we offer a REFUND or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if proven through your electric bill that over a 4-months period, the amount of electricity used has been more or less the same the month BEFORE installing C-RESULTS, DURING & AFTER installing it, and there has been NO SAVINGS! (Taking into consideration that there has been no significant additional load to the electrical system within the 4-months period.)
  • How much can I SAVE?
    It depends on the usage of electricity, defers from household to high power user like factories, shopping malls, hotels & etc. Savings can be anywhere up to 35%, consider the amount of saving over a year, you will see the value of savings far overrides your cost of investment. However, there are 10% savings guarantee and possibly some users have achieved above 35% savings occasionally.
  • Will it work all the time?
    YES. C-RESULTS should give you SAVINGS of up to 40%, provided it was installed properly and provided your electrical system and meters has not been tampered with it can be used on all kinds of PVC and metal fuse boxes (or ELCBs or Distribution Boxes)
  • It is SAVE to USE C-RESULTS?
    We have the approval from SIRIM that our C_RESULTS will not be attracted to the magnet and meet the flammability – Horizontal Burning classification requirements – Surface Resistivity of 500V.
  • Is it LEGAL to install C-Results Card?
    YES. C-RESULTS does not temper with the electrical meter wiring system and need no power shutdown while installing and maintenance free. The C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card does not help in tagging or stealing electricity. Also it will not tamper or damage the electricity meter & wiring system as it is installed after the meter at the Distribution Board, complying with most countries governing rules & policies. Most power company has no prohibition for devices installed after the meter.
  • How does C-Results Card work?
    The C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card does not cut down electricity. However, its proprietary vibrational wave compress the electricity wastage in the wiring system thus increase power efficiency and reduce wastage to achieve electricity savings.
  • What if it does not work?
    We are so confident with our product that we offer 100% FULL REFUND if you can prove that after 4 months of using the C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card does not help you save with your electricity bill for a minimum of 10% savings base on your previous monthly electricity bill before the installation of our product. And if there is no extra coordinator activity, prolong operation hours and additional equipment’s used yet no savings after installing the C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card, the Customers can claim for a refund within 120 days (4 months).
  • What does make C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card different?
    It is small yet powerful and effective. We always look at possible ways to enhance the performance of our product, from 9 layers enhanced to 18 layers now, and reduce the cost of installation, by providing flexible sizes to fit different type of usage. With C-ResultsTM Marketing Corporation, our only aim is to let our customers see results in savings and spread the word.
  • How long is the installation process?
    The installation of C-ResultsTM Energy Savings Card to each point does not take much time for there is no wiring required. It also does not require any shutting down of power switches, therefore not affecting the entire operation of a business establishment.