Benefits – Why should I use the cards?


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Features & Benefits

    Latest USA technology Breakthrough & efficient power saving 10% – 35% or more..
    Non reduction of voltage yet increase power efficiency Not affecting performance of equipment & machinery, in fact indirectly lengthen the lifespan!
    Installed after electricity meter, complying with most rules Legal to save energy!
    No wiring required & easy installation No shutdown & no interference of production!
    Different capacities available Optimized cost savings for Retail, Commercial & Industrial Cards!
    4-Month Money Back Guarantee 100% FULL Refund if it does not save electricity from 10%-35% on your previous electricity bill within 90 days period!
    3-Years Product Warranty
    5-Years Product Warranty
    With minimum return 260% – 980% or more…
    Reduced Heat & Radiation Reduce Electricity Wastage
    No Moving Part Increase Power Efficiency
    No Special Installation No Meter Tempering
    Saving Cost Legally No Maintenance
    Power Saving of 10%-35% Installed after TNB’s meter
    Non Magnetic & Non Flammable No Radiation & Non Infrared Ray

    Case Study: Assume that a commercial location with average monthly electricity bill of $10000 and no other energy savings device or
    practice is in place and the cost of the energy saving cards is 2.5 times the monthly bill (this multiplier depends on the business type and can range between 2.00 to 3.00):

    Potential Savings

    Guarantee 10%

    Average 20%

    Optimized 30%

    Monetary Savings




    Breakeven Point (Months)

    25 months

    12 1/2 months

    8 1/3 months

    Savings in 3-Year Warranty

    $36,000.00 $72,000.00


    Return on Investment (ROI)




    Savings in 5-Year




    Return on Investment (ROI)




    Savings in 10-Year




    Return on Investment (ROI)