Audit – Which card(s) do I need?

There are a number of variables to be considered to configure the system to perform optimal. We would not recommend that you determine the type of cards without consulting with us, especially for commercial businesses and buildings. Some of the reason for our recommendation are:

  • Electric consumption
  • Wiring system
  • Distance of the meter to the distribution panel
  • Number of distribution and sub-distribution panels
  • How big is the area between electric usage and distribution panels
  • Load Factors
  • Type of equipment consuming electricity

In addition, we have different designs to meet all the needs of our customers:

  • Household 18 layer
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Large
  • Industrial X-Large
  • Industrial XX-Large
  • Wrap Around (Flexible) – our newest card type

Residential locations is relatively easier to determine the type and number of cards that are needed to produce the optimal results in saving on electric bill. In addition, the cards are easy to install on each location. The cards should be installed on the in-coming cables to the distribution panel. This produces the best possible results.
Even so, we recommend to Reduce My Electric Bill Quote to properly determine the type and number of cards that should be installed.

For Commercial locations it is strongly recommended to contact us using Reduce My Electric Bill Quote from for a full evaluation of the location and provide you with the correct information and a quote. Remember, we can not Guarantee nor Warranty the savings if the quantity of cards are not correct or the installation is not proper.

We are working in developing a scientific formula on our website that would allow visitors of our site to estimate properly the quantity and type of cards needed for Residential or Commercial properties. In the meantime, please contact us to help you Save Energy – Save Money – Save Earth.

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