Electric Bill

-Energy Savings Cards

We are pleased to introduce a breakthrough product that our company has the exclusive rights to bring to the United States market. Foremost in our consideration in pushing this product is the prohibitive cost of electricity in our country which accounts a big portion of our operational cost and continue increasing rates by the power companies.

Power is the biggest problem we have right now, both in terms of SUPPLY and PRICE. The costs varies by location in the United States with an average of 12.98 Cents per Kilowatt-hour. However, the rate changes state by state (see example below) according to U.S. Energy Information Administration (

State Residential
Nov-14 Nov-13
Connecticut 19.87 18.21
Maine 15.82 14.39
Massachusetts 17.57 16.05
New Hampshire 18.22 16.43
Rhode Island 16.69 15.97
Vermont 17.11 17.54


Residential Benefits

  • Reduce Electricity Wastage
  • Increase Power Efficiency
  • No Meter Tempering
  • No Maintenance
  • Non Magnetic & Non Flammable
  • No Radiation & Non Infrared Ray

Commercial Benefits

  • Breakthrough & efficient power saving 10% – 30% or more …
  • Not affecting performance of equipment & machinery, in fact indirectly lengthen the lifespan!
  • Legal to save energy!
  • No shutdown & no interference of production!
  • Optimized cost savings for Retail, Commercial & Industrial Cards!
  • 100% FULL Refund if it does not save electricity from 10%-40% on your previous electricity bill within 120 days period!
  • With high ROI…
Efficiency Exports have partnered with C-Results Marketing Corporation and obtain the exclusive rights to be the sole distributor of the C-Results Saver Cards in the United States. This 21st Century breakthrough product can result in significant SAVINGS from 10%-35% in your electricity bills which will result save money on electric bill for many years.

The Guarantee & Warranty Money-Back-Guarantee (MBG): With the confident in our product performance, efficiency & quality, our Company is granting 3-Months Money Back Guarantee to all Clients if the product is not effective to reduce wastage, increase power efficient & decrease of electricity bill (at least 10% savings), all money received will be FULL REFUNDED! The MBG is jointly assured by the Wholesaler & the Manufacturer (double assurance). Warranty: 3-Years Warranty on Household and 5-Years Warranty on Industrial Product is granted for any manufacturing defects of the Product, with the conditions that the Product has not been tampered, burned or damaged from the original conditioned upon installation.

Case Study: Assume that a residential location with average monthly electricity bill of $500 and no other energy savings device or practice is in place and the cost of the energy saving cards is 2.0 times the monthly bill:

Potential Savings

Guarantee 10%

Average 20%

Optimized 30%

Monetary Savings




Breakeven Point (Months)

20 months

10 months

6 2/3 months

Savings in 5-Year Warranty

$3,000.00 $6,000.00


Return on Investment (ROI)




Savings in 10-Year




Return on Investment (ROI)




Savings in 20-Year




Return on Investment (ROI)